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CD Greene’s designs have been transforming women for over a decade, fusing exquisite fabric and technology to create haute couture perfection.  With a woman’s innate sensuality at the core of each design, CD Greene sculpts his dresses for effortless comfort allowing each piece to effortlessly flow and drape around the body.   Modern day innovation and old world glamour converge in CD Greene’s creations, allowing them to remain timeless and transcend generations and fleeting design fads.   

Always fascinated with and inspired by art, CD Greene pursued painting, sculpture and graphic art at the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago.  His foundation in sculpting is evident throughout his designs as he focuses on form, asymmetrical balance and texture.  Signature designs sculpted with mirrors and crystal have made CD Greene a favorite amongst Hollywood royalty and music divas alike.

“It is a wonderful experience to see an idea evolve from a sketch to a garment.  I especially enjoy draping and revel in the whole process from beginning to end,”

Each CD Greene design starts with a personal appointment with his customer.  Pencil and sketch pad in hand, Greene fastidiously notes the detail of each woman’s shape and form with all the prowess of a master craftsman.  Greene shuns plunging necklines and deep slits in favor of subtle yet sensuous cutouts at the hip and side, veiling the legs in sheer fabric and offering subtle glimpses of the back and shoulders.